About your electric coop

Why We are Different

The main service that PELCO 1 provides is the distribution of stable and sufficient electricity at reasonable cost to residential, commercial and industrial establishments in is coverage areas. The cooperative likewise provides for the maintenance of its electric power transformers, electric power lines and electric meters. It includes the repair or replacement of these in case of troubleshooting for damage or any cause of power interruption due to different reasons. In case of anticipated power interruption, the cooperative gives out advisories to member-consumers. Billing and collection services for the electric power consumed are also undertaken by the cooperative. There are several paying stations that were institutionalized aside from the paying stations located at the Area Offices of the cooperative located in six municipalities.

Meet the BOARD

Engr. Edgardo S. Sagum


Board Representative of San Luis

Ofelia Quizon


Board Representative of Mexico

Rodrigo Santiago


Board Representative of Arayat

Roselle Sigua


Board Representative of Sta. Ana

Nestor Salac


Board Representative of Candaba

Darius Cunanan


Board Representative of Magalang

Engr. Loliano E. Allas


General Manager