JUNE 14, 2017| |

MEXICO, Pampanga – The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) of this town has conducted a lecture on disaster preparedness and an earthquake and fire drill at the Pampanga I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PELCO I) main office recently.

The lecture, which was attended by most of the employees of the said electric cooperative, was focused on doing what is necessary and proper in case of earthquakes and during fire. Also, employees were lectured on simple medical procedures should there be injuries and first aid techniques.

Mexico MDRRMO head Victor Sundiang and his team stressed during their lecture the importance of having some knowledge on disaster preparedness especially knowing what to do during earthquakes and fire incidents.

PELCO I General Manager, Engr. Loliano Allas meanwhile thanked the MDRRMO of Mexico for sharing their time and expertise on disaster preparedness and has called on the employees of the cooperative to give importance to all what they had learned in the said activity.

In addition to the lecture, an actual earthquake and fire simulation was also conducted with some PELCO I employees posing as victims, as rescuers and as paramedics. This made the drill more realistic.